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Products Title:
20W/30W/50W LED flood light
1. Use single powerful Bridgelux LED (10W-200W) as the light source,
2. MEAN WELL Driver,
3. Hhigh heat conductivity,low luminous decay,pure light color and no ghosting.
4. IP65

Elctrical Specification
Input Volt 90-265VAC
Power Factor >0.95
LED Type Bridgelux
Beam Angle 110/50°
Lum 90lm/w
Color Rendering Index >75
waterproofing grade IP65
Led Color: 3000K-6500K
Warranty 3 years

Optical Specification
Type Power  Initial flux  Beam angle Measurement (mm) Weight (kg) Color temp
BS-180FL20W 20W 1800lm 110/50 180*W140*H105mm 2.5 3000-6500K
BS-225FL30W 30w 2700lm 110/50 L225*W185*H126mm 3.3 3000-6500K
BS-290FL50W 50w 4500lm 110/50 L290*W236*H183mm 5.2 3000-6500K

More detail
30W-120W high/industrial light 45°/120°
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