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Products Title:
Square ultra-thin models LED Panel Light With CE/RoHS
3w 4w 6w 9w 12w 15w 18w 20w 24w panel led light

1.  Environment friendly, no UV or IR light radiation.
2.  No mercury or other inorganic.
3.  Energy saving, low power consumption,high efficiency.
4.  High perfomance light guide plate, PMMA material, 95% light transmittance.
5.  A integrated die casting aluminum.
6.  Maintenance free,Simple installation.
7.  Application places: hutch defends,balcony,sitting room,corridora and mall.

Internal Structre:

Optical Specifications:

Model Watt LED Chip Lamps size Opening size Chip Number Packaging size Weight
SQ85C 3W SMD2835 90*90*13mm 70*70mm 15Pcs 120*40*150mm 200g
SQ120C 6W 120*120*13mm 105*105mm 30Pcs 120*40*150mm 300g
SQ145C 9W 145*145*13mm 130*130mm 45Pcs 160*40*180mm 450g
SQ170C 12W 170*170*13mm 150*150mm 60Pcs 210*40*230mm 500g
SQ200C 15W 200*200*13mm 180*180mm 75Pcs 240*40*235mm 650g
SQ220C 18W 220*220*13mm 200*200mm 90Pcs 240*40*260mm 800g
SQ300C 24W 300*300*13mm 280*280mm 125Pcs 320*40*340mm 1400g

Physical Specifications:

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