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From the early engineering stages during the product-development Bluesky ‘s world class R&D department develops the lamps with a few objectives in mind; Superior Performance, Product Safety & Product Reliability.

The result is that all our products comply with the latest standards for product safety and product reliability. This compliance provides our customers peace of mind. And it protects their brand image


  • Cree and Osram light sources
  • controls performs internal colour binning
  • Secured colour consistency

Quality Control:

Firstly, the quality control process 
The production process to implement the "three inspection" (self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection) procedures to ensure control of product quality. The manufactured products require the "three pass" (raw material into the plant pass, semi-finished product pass, finished off the factory pass) to ensure reaching the required quality; finished product storage, transportation and sales in the market were also included in the product quality management.

Secondly, pass the quality management system certification 
Based on "product quality is enterprise's life" concept, our company actively adopt the quality management system certification: in the year of 2011, we passed ISO quality management system certification-ISO9001:2008, our company has been improving and maintaining quality management system continued to operate effectively.

Certification and Performance Verification:

  • Safety standards: FCC, CE,
  • Environmental standards: RoHS compliant
  • Product Performance Verification: VSL or customer appointed